Schedule Messages

Schedule messages to be sent out in the future.


Beautify your MightyText experience with 16 themes.

Phone Notification Live View

View and dismiss your phone's notifications from your computer.

No Sending Limits

Remove the 15 messages/month cap in our free version.

No Ads

Enjoy an ad-free MightyText experience.

SMS Email Sync + Backup

Receive and reply to text messages using email.

Send Bulk SMS

Send messages to 25 people at a time.

Priority Ringer

Ring your phone at full volume by sending it your priority message in a text message.


Sending the same message content over and over? Use templates to save time.

Phone Gallery Manager

Manage your phone's photos & videos directly from your computer in real-time


Add your personal touch to messages.

Contact Lists

Texting the same groups of people over and over? Use contact lists to save time.

Block Numbers

Messages from numbers you specify won't sync to MightyText.

Store Messages Forever

No more time limits!

Faster Support

Running into issues? We'll respond to you in 2 hours or less. (US business hours)

100 GB of Photos/Videos

Store up to 100 GB of photos/videos sync'd from your phone.

Sync media from your phone

Upload all photos & videos from your phone to MightyText.

Sync all messages from phone

Upload prior messages from your phone into MightyText.

Message Drafts

Save drafts of messages to send later.

Restore Messages to Phone

New phone? Restore all your old messages saved to MightyText on your new device.

Message Labels

Organize your text messages with labels.


($89.99 per year)

Go Pro

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